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All your lab results in one place

Thousands of doctors and more than 70 hospitals and 200 ICUs trust Bluebird to help manage their laboratory results - shouldn't you?

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"An asset to my practice. Lab reports can be accessed within seconds, trends displayed effortlessly ... simplifies communication with patients... built-in recall for follow-up...very easy to use." Dr. Douwe Vellema
"The time saved in not having to wade through piles of paper reports is significant" Dr. Christopher Lyddell
"...convenient, efficient and reliable" Dr. Andre Kriel
"...a pleasure to use...well designed...worked very well in practice." Dr. Lou Pistorius
"..a wonderful program...very rewarding and it has changed my practice infinately for the better." Dr.Hadley-Grave
"Bluebird is great. Saves paperwork." Dr. Marcus van Heerden
"Extremely user-friendly, timesaving...medico-legally a lot more safe and acceptable" Dr. Paul Dalmeyer
"The after sales support has been EXCEPTIONAL." Dr.Mahesh Bhana.
"The system works very well and it gets better all the time" Dr. Wilco Eloff

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