COVID-19 Vaccination

The national COVID-19 vaccine rollout on the scale required during the COVID-19 pandemic is an ambitious undertaking for all countries, but especially for those, where the public health system is already buckling under pressure from the coronavirus.

Supply chain security and product verification rank high on a long list of challenges and without a reliable system to manage risk, one opens the door to fake vaccines, theft, hijacking and illegal product diversion. An ability to guarantee that every COVID-19 vaccine given is legitimate and from a controlled supply chain is critical in gaining the trust of the public and that trust is essential in ensuring the success of this enormous public health undertaking.

Pairing vaccinators with vaccine recipients and auditing COVID-19 vaccination and adverse events is another significant logistic challenge.


The Bluebird Immunization Information System (BlueIIS) is a secure, comprehensive, digital COVID-19 vaccination platform specifically designed for integrated COVID-19 vaccine distribution, delivery, immunization and monitoring of adverse events. Real-time monitoring of all these complex processes helps provide accountability. The entire process from vaccine manufacturer to post-vaccination surveillance is monitored.
BlueIIS utilizes both Serialization and Traceability and gives governments and the public they serve a sense of trust in the processes. Traceability reduces falsification, enables precise product identification and facilitates both recalls and adverse event reporting. By reducing a vaccinators' need for manual processes and data entry and enabling real-time monitoring of shipments and inventory, BlueIIS dramatically improves the efficiency of the entire process.

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BlueIIS empowers government by providing a critical enhancement to our nation's ability to respond to this public health crises. BlueIIS does this by streamlining the collection of data on Covid-19 vaccine procurement, distribution, circulation, storage and vaccination. BlueIIS notifies vaccine recipients when their shots have been scheduled and who will administer them. The app enables authorities right down to the grassroots level to upload and access data on a real-time basis and provide updates to those on the priority list.

Once both doses of vaccine are administered the BlueIIS will also generate an immunization certificate and store it on the recipient's behalf.

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Securing Trust in the Global COVID-19 Supply Chain

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